LIFT Jobs will fund support for unemployment and economically inactive people in rural areas

LIFT Jobs project activity will support rural residents who are unemployed, and residents who are not currently seeking work but with the right support can do so. Projects will contribute to rural economies by filling local business skills gaps and by raising household incomes. The aim is to give people in rural areas equal access to employability support and thus to paid employment or self-employment.

Available Funding

LIFT Jobs £290,000

Grants from £5,000 to around £50,000 are available. However, the maximum LIFT grant you can apply for is limited to 50% of the costs of delivering your project. You will need to have identified the remaining 50% of your project funding before your project starts. 

LIFT and Local Action Groups would like to see activity such as:

In line with their local development needs the following activities are some of the priorities for Local Action Groups. But other activities that address the aim of LIFT Jobs will also be considered and can be approved for funding:

  • Support to unemployed people to secure sustainable work, such as personalised 1:1 support, enhanced traineeships, volunteering, community support and pre-apprenticeship training 
  • New and additional transition training to facilitate access to employment in ‘Growth Sectors’ for highly transferable/skilled individuals 
  • Pathways either to employment or progression within our growth sectors for those currently unemployed, inactive or without transferable skills or experience
  • Additional support for the long-term unemployed, in particular those who have left the Work Programme and/or face complex barriers to work, for example homelessness, illness and disability, drug/alcohol dependence
  • Careers advice for people who are unemployed, not currently considering employment, or distant from the labour market
  • Projects to support self-employment, entrepreneurship, social enterprise and business creation as a route out of unemployment or to activate those currently ‘inactive’
  • Addressing issues of rural isolation, transport, access and childcare 

There is more information about the sorts of activity we would like to fund in the Applicant Handbook or contact LIFT.

Outputs LIFT Jobs is looking for

LIFT Jobs is looking to fund at least 22 projects* that will contribute to the aim of supporting 502 people who are in situations of economically inactive and unemployed (266 men and 236 women).

*Projects full or partially implemented by social partners and non-governmental organisations.

LIFT Jobs output


The following graphs show in more details the results and outputs that LIFT Jobs aims at through funding projects.


The number of male and female participants in rural areas:  

Breakdown of subcategories of participants

Below is a graph that shows the subcategories that the participants can be classed as, the categories are:

  • Participants over 50
  • Participants who are Ethnic Minorities
  • Participants with Disabilities
  • Participants who live in single adult households with dependent children
  • Participants without basic skills
  • Number of projects full or partially implemented by social partners or Non-governmental organisations


Below is a breakdown of the results we would like to see from LIFT Jobs.

The categories we have selected are: 

  • Unemployed participants into employment (including self employment) on leaving
  • Inactive participants into employment or job search upon leaving
  • Participants gaining basic skills
  • Participants with childcare needs receiving childcare support
  • Participants in employment, including self-employment, six months after leaving