LIFT Trials

LIFT Trials will fund support for rural businesses to offer work trials to individuals who have no or limited workplace experience.

Lift Trials will fund activity that allows and enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to offer placements such as trials or apprenticeships that will help individuals gain the skills and qualifications relevant to the needs of the local labour market. The support should be aimed at SMEs and micro-enterprises willing to offer an opportunity to someone they would not normally consider.

Available Funding 

LIFT Trials £440,000

Grants from £5,000 to around £50,000 are available. However, the maximum LIFT grant you can apply for is limited to 50% of the costs of delivering your project. You will need to have identified the remaining 50% of your project funding before your project starts. 

LIFT and Local Action Groups would like to see activity such as:

In line with their local development needs the following activities are some of the priorities for Local Action Groups. But other activities in support of people of all ages that address the aim of LIFT Trials will also be considered and can be approved for funding:

  • Support for SMEs across a range of sectors to provide additional apprenticeships, work experience, volunteering opportunities, graduate placements, knowledge transfer partnerships, internships or other activities which enable people to develop the skills they need to be successful
  • Developing stronger links between business, educators and young people to ensure young people are equipped with the skills to start work
  • Better engagement between people and businesses to support them to learn about work and/or develop the skills they need to be successful

There is more information about the sorts of activity we would like to fund in the Applicant Handbook or contact LIFT.

Outputs LIFT Trials is looking for

 LIFT Trials is looking fund projects that will contribute to supporting 61 micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to offer a work trial. This will include cooperative enterprises and enterprises of the social economy.