What LIFT wants to achieve

LIFT priorities: Key projected outputs and results


Overall the LIFT project must deliver the following:

  • LIFT Jobs: 351 unemployed people (including long-term unemployed) and 151 inactive people supported towards or into employment, of whom 176 are expected to be in employment at the end of the project.
  • LIFT Skills: 713 people in employment supported to develop their skills to benefit their own careers and to enhance their contribution to their employer businesses, of whom 120 will have no basic skills at the outset of the training.
  • LIFT Trials: 61 businesses supported to deliver work trials for those with limited or no workplace experience, and from disadvantaged communities. 

Other targets include support for groups of participants who may face additional barriers because they are:

  • Without basic skills
  • Over 50
  • From an ethnic minority group
  • Have a disability
  • Single parents 

You can check more detailed information on what are the aims for each strand of LIFT check on: