Application Deadlines

LIFT Grant applications will be assessed and determined by the Norfolk and North Suffolk Local Action Groups. Local Action Group members work together to fund projects that will improve their local rural economy. They have a high level of local expertise and funding experience and provide the community leadership at the LIFT programme’s heart.

The deadlines to submit applications depend on the decision making Local Action Group meetings up until December 2018. These meetings occur on a rolling 10 weekly bases for each area. In addition there will be a number of LIFT Programme Board Meetings for projects delivering in more than one Local Action Group area. From January 2019 all decisions will be made by the LIFT Programme Board, made up of LAG Representatives. 

You can check the deadlines below:

Decision making meetingApplication final deadlines*
Local action groupMeeting DateFull Application submitted by:Expression of interest submitted by:
LIFT programme board13/09/201816/08/2018 05/07/2018
West Norfolk20/09/201823/08/201809/07/2018
Wensum & Coast18/10/201820/09/201809/08/2018
Waveney Valley01/11/201804/10/201823/08/2018
LIFT programme board22/11/201825/10/201813/09/2018
West Norfolk29/11/201801/11/201820/09/2018
Wensum & Coast20/12/201822/11/201811/10/2018
LIFT programme board07/02/201910/01/201929/11/2018
LIFT programme board14/03/201931/01/201920/12/2018
LIFT programme board25/04/201914/03/201931/01/2019
LIFT programme board06/06/201925/04/201914/03/2019
LIFT programme board18/07/201906/06/201925/04/2019
LIFT programme boardTBCTBCTBC
LIFT programme boardTBCTBCTBC

* Please note that these are the final deadlines for applications to be considered for each respective decision making meeting.  We strongly advise applicants to submit Expressions of Interest as early as possible ahead of a meeting, so you have plenty of time to develop the full application and to respond to any conditions arising from the assessment of the Expression of Interest. If the LIFT team is aware that there are an unusually large number of applications aiming for a particular meeting, we may ask you to submit your application earlier or suggest that you may wish to submit for the next meeting to allow you to have more time to develop your application further.