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Primarily aimed at smaller organizations based in Norfolk and North Suffolk who are able to work at market town or even village level. 

LIFT Programme Eligibility checker
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Type of applicant to LIFT  Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) & Public 

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) & Public

VCSE, Public & private orgs. Including business and other membership groups and networks 

Size of applicant to LIFT Primarily Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)* but others considered

Primarily Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)* but others considered

Primarily Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)*but others considered 

Location of applicant to LIFT

Any (but need to demonstrate local links) 

Any (but need to demonstrate local links)

Any (but need to demonstrate local links)

Employment status of participant on entry to the LIFT funded projectUnemployed or inactive 

Unemployed or inactive 


Home address of project participantsIn the LIFT rural area

In the LIFT rural area if formerly a participant in a LIFT Jobs project


Location of  business benefiting from the LIFT funded project N/A 

SME Rural business in the LIFT area

SME rural business in the LIFT area

Location of new employment secured through the LIFT funded  project




Location of supported work experience through the LIFT funded project 


In a rural business in the LIFT area


Minimum duration of the supported work experience



3 months


 * SME's are small and medium enterprises/organisations with fewer than 250 full time equivalent employees  

For more information check the LIFT Applicant Handbook (see in the sidebar) and contact the LIFT facilitator.


Eligible Area Map

Any legal entity from private or public sector within the programme area may apply for funding, however, the applicant must be already embedded in the local communities.

The LIFTprogramme will fund eligible project activity delivered in one or more of the five geographical areas covered by Local Action Groups. These areas are the Brecks, the Broads, Wensum and Coast, Waveney Valley and West Norfolk. Each Local Action Group area represents a cohesive rural economic community. All Norfolk and North Suffolk is eligible, except Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

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This map is only an approximation. If the beneficiaries of your project are located near to the borders of a Local Action Group area please contact the LIFT team to ensure eligibility.