How To Apply

Applying for LIFT funding

LIFT is delivered by the Economic Development team at Norfolk County Council. A full time LIFT Project Facilitator is available to discuss project ideas and offer support you through the 2 stage application process.

Submission dates for applications occur on a rolling 10 weekly basis for each area. In addition there will be 5 LIFT Programme Board meetings per year for projects delivering in more than one Local Action Group area.

The final decision on grant applications will be made by the Norfolk and North Suffolk Local Action Groups: Wensum and Coast, Waveney Valley, West Norfolk, the Brecks and the Broads. The area each Local Action Group covers is shown on this map.

Remember that the funding only covers the 50% of the project costs. All applications will need to have secured 50% of match funding or funding in kind before starting the project activities.

Step 1

Contact the LIFT team

If you wish to apply to us for funding, there is hands-on facilitator support available to help you through the application process.

  • Check priorities of LIFT and eligibility rules. Also have a look at the Applicant Handbook.
  • Contact Us! Talk through the details of your project idea with the LIFT Facilitator. The Facilitator will also be able to advise you on which strands to apply for.
  • We can answer any specific questions you may have and guide you through the application process, including finding partners (if necessary) and dealing with match funding and decision making dates.

Step 2

Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • When you are ready to apply, an Expression of Interest form can be requested directly from the LIFT team. Here you will provide the ‘gist’ of the project and outline finances and deliverables (background to your organisation, an overview of your project including financial information, and justification for your project in its wider business context).
  • Check the "How to complete" guidance to help you fill the form and the Applicant Handbook for more information about the LIFT Programme.
  • Your EOI will be assessed by the LIFT Appraisal Officer and if successful you will be invited to complete a Full Application (FA).
  • Local Action Group members will also assess the EOI and approx. 2 weeks after you are invited to complete a FA, you will receive feedback and comments from the Local Action Group members. We strongly advise you to include their comments on you FA.

Step 3

Full application (FA)

  • During this stage you will provide a more detailed account of your organisation including more comprehensive financial and activity information about your project.
  • You will also need to demonstrate where you will get the match funding from. 
  • Check "How to complete a Full Application" document for guidance.
  • Remember that being asked to complete a Full Application is not a guarantee of successfully being awarded a grant.

Step 4

Grant award: successful or unsuccessful?

  • The LIFT team at Norfolk County Council will appraise the application and the final decision on grant applications will be made by the Norfolk and North Suffolk Local Action Groups.
    • You may be contacted during the appraisal stage.
  • You will be informed if writing if your Full Application has been successful or otherwise. 
    • You will have 30 days to sign and return the LIFT grant agreement 
    • The date on your grant award letter signifies the time from which you can start your project so you can then order or pay for goods and services to begin the work. 
    • In a case when your application is successful with conditions, you will need to meet any conditions set before signing the LIFT grant agreement and starting the project.
    • MATCH FUNDING: before starting the project you will need to demonstrate that you have 50% match funding. 
  • If your application is rejected, you may appeal. 

Step 5

Project delivery and the Claim Process

  • You are permitted to claim your grant funding on a quarterly basis, in arrears.
  • In order to claim your grant funding, you will have to:
    • Submit the invoices
    • Submit proof of payment including bank statements
    • Confirm that the work has been completed, including information about participants supported 
    • Provide 3 quotes as evidence of value for money for any procurement undertaken
  • Once all of the above has been confirmed and approved, grant payments will be made
  • There will be plenty of support from the  LIFT finance and appraisal officer to help you through the claim and paperwork

Remember you should not begin any part of your project until you have the written grant award notification.

For any further information on Decision Panel dates or any queries you may have about your application, please contact LIFT team.



Some documents linked on this page are in pdf format, you may need to download adobe reader to open and read them.