Match Funding LIFT Jobs, Skills and Trials

Match funding rules for LIFT Jobs, Skills & Trials Projects

The maximum LIFT grant you can apply for is limited to 50% of the costs of delivering your project. You will need to have identified the remaining 50% of your project funding before your project starts.

Eligible cash match funding may be from either public or private funds, and can include the following:

  • Your organisation’s own funds
  • Revenue funding from non-EU funding sources 
  • Income from trading (for social enterprises for example)
  • Financial contributions from a business or other enterprise benefiting from your LIFT Skills or LIFT Trials project

Eligible in kind match funding can include project volunteer time ‘costed’ at an appropriate, agreed pay scale.

Below you can find a summary of match funding opportunities the LIFT team has identified. For more information read the Match Funding Factsheet (on the sidebar). 


Match funding through formal delivery partners of LIFT

Broadland District Council

Broadland District Council has made available £60,000 of cash match funding for LIFT projects that will benefit their local residents and businesses.

Total LIFT Jobs LIFT Skills LIFT Trials
£60,000 £20,000 £20,000 £20,000


South Norfolk District Council

If your project is based in South Norfolk you can be considered for cash match funding from the District Council's Early Help Hub:

  • Cash match funds £120,000 across the programme for small community and voluntary sector applicants
Total (cash & in kind) LIFT Jobs LIFT Skills LIFT Trials
£120,000 £38,300 £14,250 £67,450

If you would like to be considered for some of the Broadland or South Norfolk District Councils' match funds for your project you should indicate this on your LIFT Expression of Interest form. Please read the Factsheets on the sidebar for more information.

Other district councils have been approached for match funding. 


Other ideas for sources of match funding

You may want to explore funding that is already aimed at your type of organisation or project activity. From the Lottery for example, the UK government, local councils or charitable trusts and foundations. 

Registering with Grantfinder means you can be kept informed of new funding opportunities on a regular basis.  Also, register with BeeHiveGiving which will search through thousands of funders to find ones relevant to your organisation. Also check the Grants and Funding page on Norfolk County Council website.

Other sources of funding that might be worth exploring for your match are shown below. Please note they are not linked with LIFT and are suggestions only: