Local Action Groups

LIFT Grant applications will be assessed and determined by Norfolk and North Suffolk local rural action groups known as Local Action Groups. The Local Action Groups are experienced grant-giving bodies passionate about their local communities and have a high level of local expertise and members work together to fund projects that will improve their local rural economy. Since 2009 they have been the decision making body for the Rural Development Programmes (2009-2013 and 2014-2020) under LEADER. Now they also provide the community leadership at the heart of LIFT programme.

The following maps shows the areas that each Local Action Group cover for LIFT:

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This map is only an approximation. 

A bit of context:

In 2009, 3 Local Action Groups were funded and they delivered £6m funding to rural businesses through the LEADER programme in 2009-13.  

Now five Local Action Groups are operating across rural Norfolk and North Suffolk delivering over £6m grant throughout the 2014-2020 programme – Brecks, Broads, Waveney Valley, Wensum & Coast, West Norfolk and the Waveney Valley.  These are local, grassroots committees that distribute EU funding to rural areas. They are comprised of local public, private and voluntary sector representatives interested in improving the rural economy of their area, and can represent themselves or an organisation.  For each Local Action Group more than 50% of the partnership must come from the non-public sector.

Being such mixed groups embedded in their local communities they provide wide local knowledge and independent expertise and skills.

If you wish to join a Local Action Group or want further information on the commitment that it involves please visit the Norfolk LAGs website