Waveney Valley Local Action Group

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The Waveney Valley Local Action Group area cuts across the four district council areas of South Norfolk, Waveney, Mid-Suffolk, Suffolk Coastal and rural Great Yarmouth Borough. Please note that urban GT Yarmouth is not included in the Local Action Group or LIFT area but the villages surrounding the town are. The towns of Diss, Beccles, Halesworth, Loddon, Harleston, Eye and Bungay together with their hinterlands and surrounding villages are also included. These areas are all possible sources of people and businesses that can benefit from LIFT projects.

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Waveney Valley Local Action Group under LEADER

The Waveney Valley area is almost identical to the Local Action Group area that operated in the LEADER 2007-13 programme. The south eastern and northern boundary has changed slightly after discussion with proposed neighbouring Local Action Groups and has done so based on socio-economic cohesiveness and market town hinterlands, that all play a similar role in this part of Norfolk and Suffolk. After the experience of the previous years, the concept of a Local Action Group is now well embedded in the area at all levels and, importantly, has private sector engagement and support.

The Waveney Valley Local Action Group delivered successfully in the LEADER last programme period and achieved their objectives.  In the last programme we contributed positively to the local economy and this experience puts us in a strong position to deliver against the jobs and growth agenda going forward.

The interim Local Action Group has highlighted a need for a shift of emphasis away from a focus on establishing area identity and towards creating the type of jobs and growth that will help to evolve the local economy, moving towards a rural environment where all generations can thrive. Central to this is the theme of innovation and the aspiration to create jobs that pay above the minimum wage. The identity of Waveney Valley Local Action Group also remains a theme and is certain to be an ingredient of many future projects but its ownership has rightly passed on to the people and businesses of the area to take forward.


Priorities for funding in Waveney Valley area are:

Through the LIFT programme, Waveney Valley Local Action Group is looking to fund projects that will offer solutions for local businesses and people to:

  • Enable rural businesses to recruit, train and retain staff they need
  • Overcome the barriers faced by many working age residents in rural areas to be ready for, and secure employment including self- employment.

The Waveney Valley area has a higher than national average proportion of residents working in basic level jobs and a lower than national average proportion people working in high skilled, professional level jobs.

There is a need to support existing businesses by helping them to ‘upskill’ existing employees with bespoke training packages in order to keep their business operating to capacity and to develop and grow.

Improving English language and basic numeracy, literacy and ICT skills could raise the confidence and prospects of employees and job seekers. This may also encourage those not currently seeking work to enter the local workforce.