Impact of Corvid 19 Pandemic on LIFT Community Grants Programme

March 2020 for foreseeable future

Despite the challenges arising from the Covid 19 Pandemic Norfolk and Suffolk County Council are continuing to support Community Grants applicants and grant holders through the LIFT team who are working from home.

Given the current situation we want to be as flexible as possible knowing that a project's start and end dates, and delivery models may need to change. 

 The primary contact is Helen Read the LIFT Project Facilitator, 01603 223179

If Helen is not available  contact Tom the LIFT Team Manager -

1) If you have a project idea that you think may be eligible, please call Helen who can talk it through with you  and if it is eligible in principle you will be sent an Expression of Interest form and a handbook for applicants. 

 We are particularly interested to hear from you if your project idea

* can be delivered without the need to gather in groups

 * will support people to apply for essential work roles that are recruiting now  


* will prepare and equip people with the skills and confidence to enrol apply for  an apprenticeship or to enrol on a vocational training course to gain a qualification  valued by employers   

2) If you have already submitted your EOI this will be checked against our criteria. If it is eligible, within our time frame and appears to fill a gap in provision you will be invited to Full Application. The invite will include some key suggestions for strengthening your application. The application form and budget sheet will be attached to the email. 

3) If you are currently working on your Full Application please include your best guess as to when the project could start and finish. We can be flexible on this element  given the current  disruptions but as it stands all projects need to be delivered by June 2021 - we will let you know if this changes to a later deadline. Contact Helen if you need help with any of the questions or sections on the forms.

4) If you have submitted the Full Application for your project: The application will be appraised by  our finance and appraisal officer  and then submitted to either the Norfolk or Suffolk Board for a decision. Because our Boards are not able to meet as usual the members are considering applications independently and voting by email. They may ask us to ask you for additional information before they can reach a final decision by majority vote.  This process is currently taking a little longer than usual to reach final decisions but we are aiming to keep to funding round timetable otherwise

5) If you have been  awarded a grant Helen will  contact you to let you know and a funding agreement will be drawn up if the project is deliverable in the remaining time available, albeit with perhaps a later start and end date than was proposed in your application.

 6) If your project has already commenced or was due to commence Helen will have been in contact with you to discuss the best course of action to take for your project and participants.